Long Island Terroir


Maritime Climate

Long Island's maritime climate and its unique glacial soils form the key natural components of our terroir. Our long, warm summers are tempered by cooling breezes off the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean that prevents excessive summer heat.

The surrounding water gives off warmth to the East End that extends summer into a mellow fall, allowing us ample time to ripen our fruit well into October and November. It also provides buffering breezes during the winter months, protecting the vineyards and allowing us to be the largest producer of European grapes in the Northeast.


Our soils have excellent internal drainage, modest fertility and moderate water-holding capacity which control and limit the impact of the periodic summer rains, controlling vine growth and promoting grape ripening in the fall. The main soil types are the Haven Loam and Riverhead Sandy Loam on the North Fork and the Bridgehampton Silt Loam and Haven Loam on the South Fork.