This course provides wine professionals and interested consumers with an opportunity to learn about the dynamic sustainability movement in the United States. The curriculum includes an overview of sustainability with an explanation of sustainable winegrowing. You will learn common strategies for winegrowers to reduce their environmental impact and sustainable certification logos found on wine labels in the U.S. Once successfully completed, students will have a clear understanding of sustainable winegrowing and be able to share this information with others. A key element of sustainability is to engage industry, consumers and communities about how we treat our planet. Whether you are already a wine professional, or just love wine, this course is for you!


Topics Covered

  • Sustainable Winegrowing Certification

  • Climate Resilience & Carbon Farming

  • Water Conservation & Groundwater Protection

  • Social Equity & Sustainable Farming Communities

  • Definition of Sustainability

  • Sustainable Viticulture

  • Sustainable Winemaking

  • Soil Health & Biodiversity

Final Exam & Certificate

Individuals who answer all 25 multiple choice test questions correctly will be able to download a personalized LISW Sustainable Wine Professional Certificate. The test can be repeated as often as necessary to reach a 100% score.


This online course is supported in part by the New York Wine and Grape Foundation and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.